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Where creation dreams into being
from heart to hands


Original Creations



Dream into being your heart’s work through unique facilitation, and receive a customised business logo hand painted by Asaya and digital images for all marketing and branding.



Bring vibrancy through colour and imagination to any room in your home or workplace, as that special feature and point of difference.

Dream work

Customised Creations

Have your inspired vision, favourite colours and imagery brought to life for that special room or space through your own original hand-painted customised creation.


Hi! I’m Asaya

For the last 9 years I have been co-creating both nationally and internationally assisting others in dreaming into being their hearts vision.

My path is one of being a mid-wife to inspiration, to the great dreams that we all hold within and bringing them into form through the journey of creation.


Imagination takes us beyond, to where dreams can grow

Original Creations & Fine Art Canvas Prints

Dreamwheel Mandala
Celestial Heart Print
Heart Bloom

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