Creation for Couples



Through specialised Active Dreaming as Guided Imagery clear and ignite the way in body-mind-heart for fertilization that is seeded with joy and love as you connect to your greatest creative potential, to dream into being a child.

(Partner facilitation available)


Pregnancy & Birth

Embark on a beautiful facilitation journey through specialised Active Dreaming as Guided Imagery exercises called DreamBirth and deeply support body-mind-soul in all stages of your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.

(Partner facilitation available)

A journey of dreaming into being your hearts dream & nurturing its magnificence


The gift of a lifetime!

“Guided by Asaya, I journeyed into fertilization, pregnancy, birth and beyond. This touching and powerful work deepened my connection in self, my body, my daughter and my husband. I gave birth naturally and I have no doubt this was because of the deep connection I had developed with my body and growing baby. When he was finally on the outside we knew each other intimately. There are no words to describe this! The gift of a lifetime for myself and my family.”

– Joanne 


I feel so empowered

I practiced the exercises daily and have no doubt they helped to bring my baby into the world safely. I feel so empowered to have sought the wisdom and support of women like yourself who believe’s in the power of the womb to dream this into being”  Katherine 

– Katherine


It has allowed for so much love

“The DreamBirth journey with Asaya has sparked a deeper connection with myself, my baby, my family and my dreaming. It has allowed for so much more love, awareness, possibility and creativity to come through, and it has also healed wounds for me, old and new.”

– Amy


My baby is so alert & healthy

“My pregnancy, birth, baby and postpartum experience has been smooth and easy because of the active dreaming, you have given me so many tools and keys to empower myself. My baby is so alert and healthy and my body has recovered with much ease and speed. You’re gift and love is what the world needs more of.”

– Rovielle

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Active Dreaming?

Active Dreaming is a natural inner state of dreaming that we can access while awake through specialised guided imagery exercises that are fun, simple and an effective way of seeing within and accessing our subconscious in order to transform, effect change in our body-mind, and bring forth our desired intent.

Who is this for?

This facilitation is for women and couples who would like to experience a more holistic, creative and empowering approach to conception, pregnancy and birth. To be deeply supported by the natural inner language of dreaming which is the source of creation within us, that which is at the heart of conception, pregnancy and birth.

What makes this approach different?

There are many levels to our body-mind that need to be in alignment in order to conceive. Through Active Dreaming, we clear the way in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This, in turn, creates more inner space, clearer intent and alignment, and therefore greater possibility for a conscious conception to take place.

How will Active Dreaming help me durning pregnancy and birth?

Through guided imagery exercises that have been specially created for this journey, you will access your body’s natural inner language of dreaming that understands best through imagery and all of our senses. This will allow a deeply supportive experience for your body-mind and your baby through all stages of pregnancy and birth.

Can I try Active Dreaming as Guided Imagery?

Yes, I have a complementary 30-minute zoom call I offer to all women and couples who are looking to do the conception work or/and the pregnancy and birth journey.

You can ask questions and most importantly have a direct experience of Active Dreaming so you can decide if this is for you. 


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