Creation Retreats

Dreaming into being from heart to hands

A Creation Journey

Gift yourself this one-day retreat of painting your own original freestyle mandala that represents a current life dream or intention.
Here, painting techniques are secondary as you turn your gaze inwards through the facilitation of active dreaming, a way to see and be inspired by true imagination from within, rather than approaching creativity from the mind’s rational mind of ‘how it should be’ and what is “right or wrong”.
Therefore this journey allows you to access the dreaming mind and your inner creative source, in a way that is joyful, natural and true to your own unique creative expression.

Your journey includes

Active dreaming to see within and open your creative inspiration

Exploring the inner senses and painting from the inside out

Embodying a dream / intention by painting from heart to hands

Active dreaming to clear, open and ignite your inner artist!

The 3 dimensional effect, colour blending and shading

It was amazing to dive into the world of imagery and to discover that I can paint!

This is a wonderful retreat, for me, someone not talented when it comes to drawing/painting, it was amazing to dive into the world of imagery and to discover that I can paint! I highly recommend this day for anyone feeling like deeply relaxing, listening inside, and connecting with your imagination.”

- Ellen

Gained so much confidence

I would not describe myself as creative by any stretch of the imagination – so it was with both excitement and dread that I arrived at the art retreat. A day well spent and I gained so much confidence, my piece is now proudly hanging in my kitchen!

- Helen

Your own visionary quest 

This experience created such an opening within me as I tapped into a creative side I didn’t know existed since I was seven! Asaya’s approach gently leads you on your own visionary quest that ends up coming out the end of your paint bush!

- Heidi

Allowed me to go beyond my mind’s chatter

This retreat is incredible. I felt warmly supported while experiencing my own challenges of self-judgment, criticism, and perceptions of myself as not being creative. Asaya was able to encourage me and create an atmosphere of trust and acceptance, which was truly amazing. It allowed me to go beyond my mind chatter and to experience the beauty of creativity and the expression of it.

- Alma

My creativity has been ignited in a different way!

Since the retreat, my creativity has been ignited in a different way! I now paint from within myself, creating this way allows me to now express myself in the most beautiful way.

- Natalie

Creation resides within us, a spark of radiant light that rises like a star, eternally shinning bright

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no previous painting experience, is that ok?

Yes all the better! There is no need for any previous painting experience.

Do I need to prepare anything to bring with me for the retreat?

Yes. A collection of images, either as paper cut outs or in digital device format representing your current life dream or intention.

What is included in the retreat?

All art materials, including 30cm round canvas / morning + afternoon tea. Bring preferred lunch or Cafe’s close by.

I would like to offer this retreat to my friends, colleagues or event. Do you travel to facilitate?

Yes in most cases I am happy to travel. Contact me and we can discuss options.

Join a Retreat

May 1st – Noosaville

dream weaving – ART RETREAT

9.30am – 5.00pm

Noosaville, Sunshine Coast

Bookings Open



 April 27th – Harvey Bay


9.30am – 5.00pm

Harvey Bay, Sunshine Coast
 Bookings Open

June 30th – Maleny


9.30am – 5.00pm

Maleny, Sunshine Coast

Bookings Open

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