About Asaya

Inspiring creativity, imagination & the power of dreaming

Asaya Creations is a way to bring forth inspiration, creativity, guidance, self-healing and beauty into your everyday life.

Be it through a customised creation to bring forth your creative vision, owning your own original or fine art canvas prints or by joining an event.


My journey

I have trained in Body-Mind Communication as Psychosomatic Therapy for 8 years and Guided Imagery, including Dream Work, for 7 years with The School of Images based in New York. 

Through my path of self discovery I now weave a synthesis of modalities through my personalised facilitations, customised creations, 1:1 consults and events.

I’ve travelled the world experiencing many diverse cultures, from South Pacific Islands, Spain, South America, Europe and Australia.

My life’s path brings depth of creative essence and a voice that speaks to the power of our capacity to dream, create, and birth new inspired vision into this world.

Asaya Creations Specialties



Dream into being your heart's work through unique facilitation, and receive a customised business logo hand painted by Asaya and digital images for all marketing and branding.



Bring vibrancy through colour and imagination to any room in your home or workplace, as that special feature and point of difference.

Dream work

Customised Creations

Have your inspired vision, favourite colours and imagery brought to life for that special room or space through your own original hand-painted customised creation.