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Original Business Logos

This unique facilitation of dreaming into being an original business logo is for those who are just starting out as a new business or to refresh a dream, vision, and purpose in an existing business.

This is a journey into the essence of your work, into the dreaming and imagery that represents, reflects and embody’s it from the inside out.

This is for you if:

You are starting your hearts work or looking to refresh from who and where you are now.

You would like to approach the birthing of your new business from a creative space and from the inside out!

You know that the inner alignment reflects the outer manifestation

and therefore are willing to look within and bring through your hearts deeper vision.

You are new to working for yourself

and would like someone to guide you, inspire you, and help birth your dreams into being from it’s conception.

Your creation journey includes

1:1 facilitation with Asaya

  • Active Dreaming to clarify your heart work
  • Active Dreaming to clear + align in body-mind-heart
  • Aligning all offerings/products/services
  • Dreaming a business name or refining an existing

A hand-drawn story board + colour proofs

for collaborating on logo inspiration

An original hand-painted creation

Choose between Small (60cm), Medium (75-90cm) or Large creation (100-120cm), on canvas or round panel.

7 x highest quality digital images

for all your marketing + branding

Graphic Design + Website Creation service available


The final product blew us away!

“The process of developing the logo was an incredible journey that deepened our relationship with ourselves, each other and the bees. The final product blew us away! A business logo and family totem all in one. If you’re looking for a logo that feels like it lives and breaths then don’t look any further!”

- Jo

Dreams come true!

“I spoke of our journey together as my presentation for my course and how it is in-line with discovering the essence of a new business, rather than the boring standard ‘branding’ talk we had. You are an inspiration to make many dreams come true! Thank you for our beautiful process together.”

- Arvindha

From my inner most soul and heart 

“Thank you Asaya for honouring our vision for our new business, the logo is perfect in every way! The journey with you has been an experience we will never forget!”

- Jodie & Glenn

Perfect in every way

“The energy my logo conveys has far surpassed anything I could have imagined. If you are feeling called to create a logo and have a stunning piece of artwork that will support you on your journey – then I can wholeheartedly recommend working with Asaya. Thank you for my beautiful creation, it reminds me every day of how amazing life is!”

- Andrea

An amazing journey

“If this calls you, do it, It’s an amazing journey.”

- Katrina

Flowed so easily and simply

“The whole process from conception to finished product flowed so easily and simply, with me providing ideas and Asaya having the amazing intuitive ability to make it come to life.”

- Angela

Bring forth your creative vision. Let it inspire your dreams into form, into radiant colours, into being!

Interior Murals

Do you have a room you would like to transform? An office, a nursery, or a wall that is just too plain?

Through a customised mural you can now bring vibrancy, energy and inspiration to any space.

Vibration infused in the artwork

“In the last 4 years Asaya has created many artworks for my healing centres, they bring so much joy, wonder, clarity and healing energy to the spaces. It’s incredible to see how a room can be completely transformed by the presence of the art, this comes from her own vibration infused in the artwork. Thankyou for the beauty you bring!”

- Teagan

My heart was so pleasantly surprised

“This is my 3rd creation by Asaya. What I love is her ability to be present and listen deeply to what I am looking for – my heart was so pleasantly surprised once again to see this divine creation on my wall in my home.”

- Taji

Customised Creations

Bring your inspired dreaming to life through colour, shape and dimension. Many mediums and sizes exist to suit your intention and purpose, for your own unique personalised creation hand painted by Asaya.

This is for you if:

You have an inspired vision

that you would like to bring to life through an original customised creation

You have a room or space

that would come alive with specific imagery and colours to match it’s decor

You have a project

that requires customised art to match and complement it’s purpose

* For other specific creative projects contact Asaya

Your creation journey includes:

1:1 facilitation with Asaya

  • Active Dreaming to clarify your creation

A hand-drawn story board + colour proofs

for collaborating on your vision

An original hand-painted creation

Choose between:

  • Small (60cm)
  • Medium (75-90cm)
  • Large creation (100-120cm)

on canvas or round panel.

A Certificate of Authenticity by Asaya

Support maintaining the overall high frequency

“I am blessed to be the custodian of many wonderful Asaya Creations. She embodies her work as it comes through her and her radiant energy is reflected externally in her masterpieces. I am grateful to have her encodings in her art holding space in both my home and work environments, I find they support maintaining the overall high frequency of all the therapy rooms and my home office.”

- Trent

A stunning piece of artwork that will support you on your journey

“The journey Asaya took my on was absolutely amazing. She helped me bring a beautiful creation forth from my inner most soul and heart. Thank you for your patience, love and amazing gifts and vision, I am so truely grateful.”

- Carol

Beyond my expectations

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when Asaya revealed my first customised piece to me, it was beyond my expectations, her ability to tune in to my heart and intention and then produce such a magnificent creation is such a gift!

- Taji

The whole process was incredible

“The original creation for my album cover was beyond anything I had imagined. The whole process was incredible and showed me the essence of my music. I also wanted the artwork to be healing in itself and remind people of the message woven through my album, Asaya brought it through!”

- Bodhi

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I journey with you for an original logo creation or a customised commission from anywhere in the world?

Yes, I can facilitate this journey of clarifying your inspiration and imagery for your creation online and thereafter the original will be shipped directly to you.

How long does a commission take?

It depends on the size you choose and the spots currently available.

Do you accept payment plans for your commissions?

Yes all commissions can be payed in full or via payment plans after an initial booking deposit.


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