Dream with Asaya

1:1 Online Consults

Active Dreaming 

Active Dreaming, also known as Guided Imagery and Dream Work, is a way to journey into self through the light of our imagination.

Here, with Asaya as your guide, you can see within and be witness to your inner dreaming and through the power of images and your inner-senses alchemise from the inside out.

An ancient practice, the way of the dreamer has been known throughout many mystical and indigenous teachings to this day, this is a way that brings us home into of our being, to our original language, the language of dreaming as the hearts way.

1:1 Consults are facilitated online.
Duration of choice: 1 hr – 85 AUD / 1.5 hr – 120 AUD

This work is so needed

“I have loved every session we have done together with my dreams. It’s nothing short of incredible. This work is so needed as I feel many suffer in silence with their dreams. We are too quick to dismiss them because largely we don’t understand them or what to do when we have an impactful dream. Asaya really is a bridge of these two worlds. 

- Natalie

I feel completely different

“I had an unresolved dream about a situation with a friend, and it bothered me because I felt like I should take it as a ‘sign’ and take a particular course of action – but I didn’t know how it could possibly work out well for both of us. After a super powerful and fast session with Asaya, I feel completely different, and at peace with the dream and the person involved. It was really quite miraculous and effortless, I’m so grateful!” 

- A'Hara

Feel safe & supported

“A session with Asaya is a unique experience. Thanks to the active dreamwork I’ve been able to release stuck emotions and understand the cryptic messages of my dreams. It helped me to shift limiting beliefs and change unhealthy habit patterns deeply rooted. With these insights I made the right moves to lead a life more aligned with what I truly need, on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Asaya leads the sessions very intuitively, and she made me feel safe and supported at all time. I highly recommend having sessions with Asaya for transformative inner work.” 

- Alexandra

Greater insight into myself

“Through Asaya’s guidance I was able to enter my own dreamscape and look at a nightmare that had been troubling me, I couldn’t stop thinking about it! Honestly I was sceptical, it yet I left feeling so relieved and with greater insight into myself. The process Asaya offers is so safe. 

- Emma

Dreaming is our innate original language

& the sacred ground of our being.


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